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Significance of Thai Amavasya Tarpanam

Thai Amavasya Tarpanam is considered as the auspicious occasion that marks the perfect beginning of the Uttarayana period.

It is to be noted that it is also the northern transit period of the sun. According to the Hindu Mythological texts and inscriptions, this particular period is considered as day time in Heaven. It is a divine day in the heaven for god and goddesses.

According to the traditional and religious Tamil calendar, it is the beginning of Tamil month Thai that is from January to February. It is the right time to overcome all types of limitations of the past deeds for the himan being. There is a Tamil phrase ‘Thai Pirandhal Vazhi Pirakkum’ that means “Thai month paves the way for new opportunities”. Hindus do strongly believe in this phrase. It is also a way of encouraging and giving hope for the person suffering. It is to be noted that ‘Thai Amavasya’ is the new moon of the Thai month.

The Thai Amavasya in particular is very powerful because the new moon coincides with Monday which is regarded as the moon’s day. To the earth planes, this perfect combination largely brings a special type of energy. This type of energy is extremely rare. It happens once in a year. It also happens once in tow years also. It is said that on this particular day, the departed ancestors of 64 generation of Pithrus can really assist in solving the problems related to relationship, money and health. The day is blessed with good energy from the sky too.

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