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Significance of Parihara Poojai for Dhosam, Thithi, Tharpanam and Agamic rites on Amavasya

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, in order to get peace and balance of mind, all the Hindus should do meditations, prayers, pilgrimage visit to holy temples, chanting of devine hymns, performance of poojai, Viratham or fasting.

They should also do offering to their forefathers on the day of Amavasya. It is to be remembered that these religious dealings also give the devotees the art of tolerance and patience. It is to be highly noted that all kinds of penance are directly connected with mind and physique. The art of fasting during the days of Amavasya, helps in lightening hardship and strengthen the soul.

The day of amavasya is marked with performing parihara poojai or by worshipping the planets. The puja gives immense benefits and great relief to the devotees. This type of puja is also known as Dhosha pariharam puja. This conducted at temple or at home with the assistance of the priest.

The act of praying on the day or avavasya and daily will reduce mental tension. A prayer along with fasting will give good health, mental peace, a desire to follow good deeds and confidence in life.

In order to avoid hurdles in marriage proposals continues ill health, financial losses, hardship in life, dispute in personal and professional life, enmity with others etc can be fully reduced by performing various rituals on the day of amavasya. The act of visiting a nearest temple and having a dip or bath in the temple tank or any other water bodies will give good results for the future course of life.

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