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Significance of Mouse, Lord Ganesha’s vehicle

It is a known fact that mouse or rat is assumed as the vehicle of God Ganesh, so without rat’s non-existence mysterious God Ganesh will always struck as odd. However few exceptional cases will directly take to origin of Ganesha’s vehicle which was considered under the form of Vikata and Mayureshwar, even peacock is also considered as the vehicle of Skanada, who is a brother of Ganesh. He is also known with another name Kartikkeya.

According to the information available in Skanda Purana, Lord Ganesh is also mounted on elephant; however some myths were related with that vehicle. Apparently the tantric forms such as Simha Ganapati, Herambha Ganapati, Panchamukha Vinayaka and Vakratunda, Lord Ganesh has used lion as his vehicle, whereas Mooladhara Ganapati mounted on serpent.

From sense of very long time association of serpent and Ganesh is well known, even you can find proof of the same in tantric text too. But again there is a twist in the tail, as by different esoteric sects is worshipped different type of Ganesh image where Ganesh is overcome by a conopy of five elephant which are named as Naga which is described by Satapatha Brahmana.

Vivid images of lord Ganesh is worshipped, as in some cases a snake is coiled around his stomach or neck or in some cases his left shoulder is surrounded by a sacred thread or the lord is holding snake in his hands, it doesn’t matter what the idol people are worshipping, it’s all about their love towards Ganesh.

Traditional ancient images of Ganesh are accompanied by Naga stones which is usually looks like picturised in open air or under the tree. Primordial images of Ganesh where the snake is heading above the head of Ganesh’s head can also be seen.

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