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Significance of Dvithiya Shraddh, 2nd day of Pitru Paksha

Dwitiya Thithi has much significance much before the days of Amavasya day. This particular thithi is largely imbued with ornaments or aabarana shakti.

The normal procedure for performing this thithi is by using a lamp that is made of gold. The devotees are advised to do the tarpanam with it as divine witness.

Those who can’t really afford a lamp made of gold can chose the alternative suggested in the Hindu religious texts and inscriptions. Take an ornament like chain, ring or bangle. Dip it in ponnaanganni oil for one hour. Use this oil for lighting the lamp. Light two lamps on a bed of sacred vilvam leaves. Perform the tarpanam with these lamps as the divine witness.

Those who can’t afford gold ornaments can select the best alternative given in the Hindu religious texts and inscriptions. Take five new bricks. Clean it with fresh water and apply turmeric powder, Kumkuma or vermilion, Sandalwood paste, sacred ash or wibhuti and sindoor on these bricks. Keep on top of each brick, Thangarali flowers and offer tarpanam with these as divine witness.

According to some holy religious text, in each family there should be a both a female and male child. Those who don’t have a male or female child can perform the aforesaid tarpana puja on this particular day.

The best place in South India for doing the tarpanam puja on Dwitiya Thithi is the Theerthaandadhaanam pitru mukti temple located near Thirupunnavaasal and Aavudaiyar Kovil in Tamil Nadu. The temple’s tank is known as Sarva (shakti) theertham. It is equivalent to Ocean itself. It is believed that for the sake of Lord Sri Rama, Sri Varuna poured waters of several sacred lakes and rivers in this tank.

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