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Significance of Durva Grass during Grahan

Durva grass also known as Darbha or Garike or Kusha or Pul in different regions is widely used during grahan. Be it surya grahan or chandra grahan, these items are a must in hindu household. The durva grass is placed on food items and water especially during grahan. Also if there are children or pregnant woman at home, then they keep the durva grass beneath the cot or nearby them.

This is not without any reason. If we look into what exactly grahan is, then we will come to know that the phenomenon of grahan blocks the rays of the sun or the moon from reaching the earth. Now earth is dependent on the sun for its light and heat and on the moon for its gravitational pull of the water bodies. Hence these two planets form an integral part of the functioning of the earth. When their rays are blocked from reaching the earth , then that period is not considered auspicious for doing any work. Hence in order to protect ourselves from the negative effects of grahan, people use the durva grass as a purifier or a protector.

It is well known that Durva grass has immense purigying power and hence it is placed on food items inorder to protect them. Also there are reports that these grass can block radiation upto 60%. Hence our ancestors have prescribed the use of durva to protect us from any harmful radiation that might fall on earth during a grahan.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    use of durva grass in astrology

  2. Anonymous says:

    what to use in ganesh puja if durva is not available

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