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Significance of Chaturthi Shraddh, 4th day of Pitru Paksha

According to the ancient Hindu religious texts and inscriptions, the fourth day known as Chathurthi thithi has much significance before the days of Amavasya day.

This particular day is treated with religious importance by most of the devotees. They have early morning bath or dip in the nearest sea, river, lake, pond or well and start observing fasting. The simple method of performing the Chathurthi thithi tarpanam is as follows:.

On this day collect a few jackfruit leaves and form a bed out of it. Take a silver lamp and place it on the bed of jackfruit leaves. Pour few drop of neem oil, castor oil, coconut oil, sesame (gingelly) oil in the silver lamp and mix them well. Light the lamp and perform tarpanam with these bright lamps as divine witness.

In the society, a person needs to have good cordial relationship. It should be at the work place for the professional front as well as at home with the neighbors for the personal front. In any situation due to certain circumstance if any enmity happened with anger or disputes then this particular ritual and tarpanam will really help to bring forward a good relationship even with enemies and once upon a time friends and neighbors.

As per the ancient Hindu religious texts and inscriptions, the ideal spot for doing the fourth day, Chathurthi thithi tarpanam is at the seashore next to Thangachi matam and Akka matam on the way to Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu. This particular spot is thronged by Amavasya devotees in large numbers during the auspicious days.

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