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Significance of Amavasya

Amavasya is the new moon night in Hindu calender. It is the first night of the first quarter of the lunar month. Since the moon is invisible on the day, Amavasya is also referred as no moon night.

Amavasya holds great importance in Hinduism. Many Hindus choose this day to make offering (tharpanam) to the dead ancestors. There is also an ongoing debate whether Amavasya is auspicious or inauspicious.

The term ‘Amavasya’ is commonly used in all regional languages in India. The fortnight that starts with Amavasya is also referred as the Shukla paksha (bright half of the month). Mauni Amavasya in Hindu Magh month (January – February) and Mahalaya Amavasya in Ashwayuja (September – October) are highly auspicious. Similarly the Amavasya in Aadi month is of great importance in Tamil Nadu. The Amavasya in Karkidakam month is of importance in Kerala.

Generally people avoid doing any auspicious events during Amavasya. In some regions people observe partial fast (Upvaas) or a complete fast on the day.

Symbolically, the period from Amavasya to Purnima (full moon) is considered to be the gradual awakening and transcendence into the fullness. From darkness to the gradual realization of the Supreme Soul.



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