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Significance and Legend of Kavadi in Murugan Temples

The Murugan Temple in Palani gets thousands of devotees everyday. Many people carry Kavadi to Murugan temples. What is the significance of carrying Kavadi to Murugan Temples ? Let us discuss the legend of Kavadi.

Legend of carrying Kavadi to Murugan Temples :

The story dates back to Idumban and Muruga. Idumban was a huge devotee of Sage Agastya. One day the sage asked him to get two hills Shivagiri and Shakti Giri belonging to Muruga.

Muruga then came in the disguise of a small child and stood on top of the hill. Then Idumban asked the child to get down but it did not. Then a battle ensued but Idumban was not able to defeat the child.

Idumban realised that the child was something special and accepted his defeat. Pleased with his dedication, Muruga appointed him as his guard. According to legend, carrying Kavadi symbolises the effort of Idumban to please the lord. This is the reason people carry kavadi to Murugan temple.

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