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Siddhi Vinayak Ganesh Temple, Nepal

There is very famous Siddhi Vinayak Ganesh Temple in Shorakhute, Kathmandu, Nepal. This temple is also known as Siddhi Ganesh Temple.

This Siddhi Ganesh temple is famous for wish fulfillment.

Lord Ganesh is the most beloved and revered of all the Hindu gods, and is always invoked first in any Hindu ceremony or festival.

People from Kathmandu valley come to do pooja on this Siddhi Vinayak temple before starting any new project or task so that it will fulfill without obstacles.

When people wish is fulfilled they again come to this temple to do thanks giving puja to God Sidhi Vinak Ganesh.

When people get married first they come to do pooja on this Siddhi Vinayak temple of Lord ganesh so that their marriage life would be happy, full of love and successful.

When Child 6 months ceremony known as Pasani is done, child is brought to this Siddhi Vinak Ganesh temple.

People mostly worship Him asking for siddhi, success in undertakings, and buddhi, intelligence.

Lord Siddhi Ganesh is worshiped before any venture is started. He is also the God of education, knowledge & wisdom, literature, and the fine arts.

Bell Hanging on Siddhi Ganesh Temple
People hang bell on this Siddhi Ganesh Temple with their name written on the Bell.

It is believed that if you would hang bell on this Siddhi Ganesh Temple your wish will be fulfilled soon.
When other people rang the bell the positive energy and power created. The person who rings the bell gets 25 percent of virtue and other 75 percent virtue goes to people who hang the bell. Therefore its very beneficial to hang the bell in Siddhi Ganesh Temple.

If you hang large size bell, people who visit the temple notice it and they rang it.

Benefits of doing Online Puja at Siddhi Ganesh Temple
If you are newly married and if you do online puja on this Siddhi Ganesh Temple your marriage life may be full of love and happiness.

If you are starting any type of new task weather its business or new job etc then doing online puja at this Siddhi Ganesh Temple may be beneficial. Your task or job may go smoothly without obstacles as Lord Ganesh is remover of obstacles.

If you are facing any type of trouble then doing online puja on this Siddhi Ganesh Temple may be greatly helpful for you.

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  1. Maheen MN says:

    can we do ganapati puja in temple before starting any new project

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    ganesh bells benefits in the home

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    is it if we do puja sri sidhivinayak then our wishes will be fulfilled

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    famous Ganesh temples known for marriage

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