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Shri Shri Nimishananda Quotes on Awareness

Nimishananda talks about the importance of Awareness in everything we do in life. Let us listen to it in his own words.

What quality prevents life from becoming mechanical? What ingredient ignites zeal and keeps boredom at bay? Awareness. If we are constantly aware, life is always interesting We enjoy everything for everything inspires us. Awareness is not alertness. Alertness requires effort and has an element of stress and tension. Awareness is alertness without tension. When we are in this relaxed state, zeal and interest are spontaneous.

From interest come memory and dedication. We should do nothing mechanically. Even stirring a spoon of sugar into a cup of tea should be done with complete awareness. Then there is always a deep sense of joy and connectivity with Divinity. Awareness is a relaxed and expansive state that eliminates tension. If we are constantly aware, we give cravings no scope to take root. Even drinking a cup of tea can be done with complete awareness so that we savor every sip. Then the tea is enjoyed by the body, senses and mind. There is satisfaction and no craving.

When we fulfill a desire mechanically, the deeper levels of our being are not satisfied and we develop an obsessive craving for that object. Lack of awareness also generates indifference for others, while awareness creates complete connectivity with Divinity and all beings. All material things lose their value after a while. Divinity never changes. God is ever the same. Divinity transcends time and space.

Awareness of Divinity takes us to the only state that is worthwhile — constant bliss that is independent of bodily existence.

Shri Shri Nimishananda (Source: Speaking Tree section in Times of India)


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