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Shraadh time of Amavasya

As per Hindu religious and traditional calendar, a full day is regarded as from one sunrise to next sunrise. A daytime or dinmaan is from sunrise to sunset.

A nighttime or raatmaan is from sunset to next sunrise. According to the Hindu calendar, daytime is largely divided into five equal parts. It is assumed 6am is the sunrise and 6pm is the sunset.

Praatha – 06:00 to 08:24

Sanghava – 08:25 to 10:48

Maadhyaanha – 10:49 to 13:12

Aparaanha – 13:13 to 15:36

Saayankaal – 15:37 to 18:00

Most of the Shraadh is largely to be done in Aparaanha Kaal. Hindus start preparation of food items as early as 5:00 am. The function ends by 3:00 pm. The function is held for 10 hours. Most of the people feel it tiring. In the present scenario of fast paced lifestyle. The ritual function is short cut 20 minute. It is to be highly noted that even priest are selecting wrong time as per the convenience of the fast paced lifestyle of cities and town.

In this present scenario also Hindus give much importance to Amavasya. Even in the busy schedule Hindus perform the rituals and prayers according to tradition and custom in order to please their forefathers.

It is a way of giving respect and showing the responsibility of their care and attachment towards them even when they are far away from them. It is said that the blessing of the forefathers or ancestors will bring good health and prosperity for the family members.

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