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Sharda Puja during Diwali

The festival of Sharda festival is usually celebrated on the third day of the Diwali. It is also noted as the last day of the Hindu year. On this special occasion, the devotees light all the diyas and decorate the house with all the lights, rangoli etc.

Most of the traders worship their newly account books in order to ensure the success. Also, non-traders also perform pujas of their saving books. Generally, the business man balances their previous records or account. This puja is mainly performed by the eldest son of the family. Among Hindus, students usually worship the goddess Saraswati during the Sharda Puja on Diwali.

The goddess Saraswati is believed to bless with the intelligence and good memory. The goddess Sharda has the symbolic representation of the conquest over one’s self. During the Sharda puja, the Vedic mantras were also recited to welcome the Hindus New Year. The customs would be incomplete without the mantras. This in turn would provide the auspicious results and also would fulfill the wishes immediately.

At the entrance of the homes, the houses were decorated with the colorful and bright rangoli. It is a sign of welcome to the visitors. This has also been noted as the last day of the year to end the personal conflicts and also forget and forgive the mistakes of the past year. This results as the step for the beginning of the New Year to start on a positive note. During this festival, various sweets are offered to the Lord as the Prashad. From the Sharda Puja, the season starts changing as the days become small and cold also increases. This festival is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm especially in Gujarat. Many of the devotees consume plain food and meditate God during this festival. As a result of this, one would gain good virtue and health.

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