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Shanichary Amavasya Mela at Aiti Shanichara Temple, Morena, Madhya Pradesh

The Shanichara Temple is located in Aiti Village, near Banmore (NH3) in the district of Morena, in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

This particular temple is quite popular among locals native Hindus and all Hindus residing in rest of India. During the Shanichary Amavasya that falls on a Saturday is celebrated with many rituals, rites and prayers in this temple. A large number of native Hindus and devotees from nook and corner of India visit this temple in order to perform offering for their forefathers or ancestors.

According to the Hindu religious texts and inscriptions, Shani (Saturn), is considered with great respect and awe by the Hindus. Saturn deity is largely considered as the reason for blessing prosperity and misfortune in the life. Therefore devotees visit this temple on Saturdays in order to appease the deity.

It is to be remembered that the Shanichara Temple is constructed by stone at Aiti. According to the local legends, the age-old balck idol of Shani was brought from Srilanka centuries ago. As per the local legends and Hindu religious scholars, Shanidev was held as prisoner by Ravaana, the King of Lanka. This dusty village belongs to the era of the Hindu epic Ramayana.

In this temple on every Saturdays and during the Shanichary Amavasya (moonless Saturday night), a grand prayer is organized for the devotees. All the devotees are supposed to remove the shirts and shoe while entering the temple. There is also a statue of hanuman worship by Hindus. There are many local bus services to reach this temple from Morena and Gwalior.

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