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Shani Amavasya Importance

Those who wish to fulfill all the desires are strongly advised to worship Lord Saturn. This particular worship can be done on the day of Shani Amavasya for better results.

Amavasya that falls on Saturday is known as Shani Amavasya. It is largely celebrated in the religious form of Pitrakaryaeshu Amavasya. In order to get direct or indirect relief from the hurdles that are caused due to Sadesati, Dhaiyaa and Kalsarpa yoga, it is considered to be an auspicious day.

Hindus regard the giver of fortune is Lord Shani. All kind of hurdles and prolonged sufferings in personal or professional life can get permanent relief by worshipping Lord Shani with dedication and pure heart. On the basis of the karma of an individual, Lord Saturn is widely known to give permanent results. It is to be noted that worshipping Lord Saturn on this particular day is regarded to be very auspicious from each and every aspect in life. All the desire gets fulfilled if devotees perform puja wholeheartedly.

On the day of Shanishchara Amavasya, each and everyone can get all types of benefit by wholeheartedly worshipping Lord Shani with commitment and devotion. It is to be remembered that Lord Shani isn’t rude to those individual who are true to self and others in the society. Through proper woship of Lord shani, a person can get relief from all types of negative powers or effects such as dhaiyaa or mahadasha and sadesati. It is a good practice by all to do special puja during the Shani Amavasya so that in future can be bright without any negative effects.

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