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Shami Puja

Shami Puja is an important ritual performed during the Navaratri and on the day of Vijayadashami. It is performed by worshipping the Shami Tree and in the year 2012, it is done on the day of Vijayadashami on October 24. There are many legends relating to the importance of worshipping the Shami Tree on this day, But every story emphasises that worshipping the Shami Tree on this day would bring the devotees happiness and resolve their problems.

Some of the popular legends regarding the worshipping of Shami Tree on Vijayadashami are:

Legend of Pandavas: It is said in the puranas that on this day, the pandavas retreived their weapons from under the Shami Tree after returning from exile. It was later popularly known as the day of Ayudha Puja.

Legend of Bhrushundi’s curse: Shami and Mandar once made fun of Sage Bhrushundi for wearing a trunk mark on his forehead. He cursed them to become trees. But later Lord Ganesh intervened and said that Shami tree would assume importance in sacrificial rituals and it would be worshipped during Navaratri.

Legend of Kausta’s Guru Dakshina: When the Brahmin Kausta was asked to pay 140 million gold coins as guru dakshina, he approached King Raghu who was Lord Rama’s ancestor. Raghu spoke to Indra and then got Kubera summoned to do the job. Kubera showered the Shami trees in ayodhya with gold coins.Then Kausta paid his guru dakshina and distributed the remaining gold among the people of ayodhya.

Though the legends may vary in time, every story signifies the importance of Shami Tree and emphasises that we should worship it during navaratri. Hence it is a popular practice among devotees to distribute Shami leaves among relatives and friends and perform Shami Puja.

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