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Savitri Brata: Savitri Amavasya

The term Savitri Brata or Savitri Amavasya belongs to Oriya language. It is a festive day that is observed in fasting day in the month of Jyestha, the last day of the dark fortnight observed by all Hindu Oriya married women on this particular Amavasya day.

All the married Hindu women whose husbands are alive, this particular Amavasya day is most favorable for them.

Most of the Hindu Oriya married women observe this day with a vow with great devotion and dedication plus rituals and prayer for their husband in order to prosper and have a long life. The significance of the Vat-Savitri puja is reflected from its words and the origin. According to the Oriyan Hindu religious scholars and pundits, this particular fasting is dedicated to Satyavan and Savithiri. It is to be noted that within one year, Satyavan was destined to die. He was brought back to life by Savithiri’s penance. It is largely said with strong belief that even Yama, the God of death was fully impressed with her devoation and commitment towards her husband. Moreover, Satyavan with great effort regained his lost kingdom within a short span.

It is to be noted that all Hindu Oriya married women observes this particular festival on the day of Amavasya by propitiating and worshiping Savitri as a Devi. On this day’s early morning, married women take purifying dip or baths by wearing new bangles and clothes and by apply vermilion fully to their foreheads. On this day’s prayer, nine types of flowers and nine types of fruits are offered to the Goddess.

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