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Save energy, avoid rangoli color & limit decoration items in Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav

During the Ganesh festival, Ganesh idols and Pandals are decorated with different watts colorful and bright bulbs and tube lights. In order to save energy, try to follow these methods. Switch on the decorative lights only during the peoples assemble for “aarti or pooja” and in the evening hours when there is a need for brightness.

It is better to use the traditional lamps in the interior and exterior lighting arrangements. As far as possible use incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFL). It is highly advisable to use energy efficient CFL tubes instead of bulbs in order to highly save electricity. Don’t buy expensive color bulbs, just wrap color papers to make color bulb for the purpose of decorations.

Don’t use chemical colors for rangoli purpose. Try to use all type of natural color for rangoli art works. You can directly use natural color such as rice powder, mehendi, henna, turmeric, gulaal etc. it is to be highly noted that these type of natural colors doest cause any kind of harm to the surrounding and water bodies. Let us don’t be the reason for harming the nature and its belongings.

It is to be highly remembered that use of plastic and other non-degradable material used in the interior and exterior decoration of Ganesh pandal will cause great danger to the surroundings and water bodies. Therefore limit the decoration of pandals. Do decorate it with natural products only. You can use paper flowers, natural flowers, colorful cloths, colorful wood pieces, etc.

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