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Saturn(Shani) – Astrological Information

नीलाम्बरः शूलधरः किरीटी गृध्रस्थितस्त्रासकरः सशस्त्रः ।
चतुर्भुजो सूर्यसुतः प्रशान्तः सदास्तु मह्यं वरदोल्पगामी ।।

Friends : Mercury, Venus
Enemies : Sun, Moon, Mars.
Neutral : Jupiter.
Lord of : Capricon, Aquaries.
Mooltrikona : Aquaries 10-200
Exaltation : Libra 200.
Debilitation : Aries 200.
Kalas/kiranas : 1/16.
Sex : Female eunuch.
Direction : West.
Lucky stone : Blue sapphire, amethyst.
Lucky colours : Grey, navy blue, blackish.
Diety : Bramha, Shiva.
Articles of donation : Iron, black nails, cloth, flowers,mash dal, musk, black cow or horse.( At noon on Saturday.)
Appearance : Tall lean body, yellowish eye, big teeth, lazy, sunken eyes, large teenth, large and course nails.
Humor & part of the Body : Wind, bile, head, neck, bones, teeth.
Ailments : Diseasecaused by pollution, cancer, paralysis, loss of limbs, cuts, teeth problems, tumours, acidity.
Represents : Delays, obstructions, miseries, sorrows, democracy, moksha karaka.
Prominent Qualities : Planet of logic, philosphy, impotency, stingy planet, cold icy planet, barren.

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