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Rituals of Amavasya Vrat

There are three types of Amawasya Vrat. They are Amavasya Payovrat, Amavasya Vrat and Amavasya Pitra Shanti Poojan.

Amavasya Payovrat

During Amavasya Payovrat, Lord Vishnu is largely with dedication and devotion worshipped. This particular fast is wholeheartedly observed for one year by the Hindu religious followers if started. The individual who observes this particular fast can only drink milk. If the individual keeps this fast till its assigned date then he becomes free from all types of mental sufferings plus his financial condition will also improve.

Amavasya Vrat

During Amavasya Vrat, Lord Shiva is largely with dedication and devotion worshipped. Like other normal fasting, this fasting is observed in the similar manner. On this day, the things favorite to lord Shiva is especially auspicious to offer by the devotees. Bel stone and Bel paper are the main things.

Amavasya Pitra Shanti Poojan

The lord of the date of Amavasya is Pitridev. On this particular day, remedies for the pacification of ancestors are largely performed by the Hindu religious followers. On the day of Amavasya, in the morning, the individuals who have Pitridosha in their given birth chart should take a dip or bath in the sacred River. They should also prepare Kheer from pure milk. They should offer with devotion and dedication this Kheer to their ancestors.

It is to be highly noted that by performing this remedy, influence of Pitridosha can be largely reduced. This particular Kheer should be given to a virgin girl and crows and consume it. By performing this worship for one year, Pitridosha can be reduced. This particular worship really helps in the progress of wealth, fortune and children.

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