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Rituals during Chandra Grahan

The Chandra Grahan is occurring on the 28th of November in 2012. If the grahan is not visible in your region, then most of the rituals connected with the grahan can be avoided. However if it is visible in your place, then you need to observe certain rituals for your well being.

Chandra grahan occurs for a long time. According to Hindu tradition, there are certain rituals that are to be followed during a grahan. It is better to stay indoors during the period of grahan and not venture outside unnecessarily. It is advised to fast completely till the grahan is over and then have food after taking a bath. If this cannot be practiced due to any reasons, then atleast the food must not be consumed during the period of grahan. People keep the durva or kusha grass on the food items in order to protect them from the harmful rays of the grahan. Also special care must be taken if you have children or pregnant woman at home.

Some people consider grahans as auspicious periods to begin certain mantra sadhana. People also take the holy bath during this period to wash off their sins and the ill effects of grahan. People doing mantra sadhana on this day begin their sadhana during the grahan period as it is considered that this period would yield them with special powers. However this should be undertaken only under the guidance of a trained guru who can guide you through the process.

It is better to clean the household and have a bath after the grahan. Not just households, even the temples are cleaned and the idols are also washed after the period of grahan and only then the puja is performed to the Gods. Most temples in India remain closed during the period of Grahan.

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