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Ritual elements required for Lakshmi Puja during Amavasya

Lakshmi Puja plays a prominent role during the Amavasya days and Deepavali festival. Most of the Hindu religious household performs this special puja at home and temple.

This particular puja is done by hiring the service of Hindu religious scholars, pundits or purohits. This puja is largely done for pleasing the Goddess Lakshmi. Seeking the blessing for financial prosperity is the main aim of this puja. There are immense benefits associated with puja according to the religious text. The following ritual elements are required for performing the Lakshmi puja:

The Ritual Elements are few Silver and Gold coins, few full hand-uncooked Rice, five paan or mango leaves, ten betel nuts or supari, a coconut, in a loot-water, for applying the tilak- red vermillon or”Kumkum”, Holi-type colored powders, oil Lamps or “Diyas”, mithai or sweets, camphor, dry fruits such as almonds, cashews etc, incense sticks or Agarbatti, a thali, rose or other flower petals, a piece of red cloth for putting the puja items, raksha sutra-anew notebook, panchamrita, rose water, ghee to light the lamps and sufficient water for washing hand frequently.

Icons of Narayan, Lakshmi, Sarawati and Ganesha are also required for performing Lakshmi puja. It is to be noted that Hindu religious scholars, pundits or purohits may request for few more items according to his requirement. It is highly advised that meet the Purohit a few days before the day of puja and collect the list of items to be purchased. Do the shopping for the said items, a day before the puja. In case any of the said items are not available then ask him about the alternative items.

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