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Rishi Panchami

Rishi Panchami is also known as Bhadrapada shudhha Panchami. This religious important day is the fifth day that is next day after the Ganesh Chaturthi day. According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, it is not a festive day but largely a day for observing “Vrata”. This particular day Vrata is observed by women with great devotion and dedication.

As per the Hindu religious sculpture and literature, “the idea behind observance of Vrata on this day is to express respect, gratitude and remembrance of the deeds of those ancient Rishis who devoted their life for the cause of society.” According to the local legends, “if performed by women it is believed, that any ill deeds which they might have committed and the mistakes done, could be washed out by doing this Vrata.”

On this particular day, the popular and famous Rishis such as Vashishtha, Janadagni, Gautam, Vishwamitra, Bharadwaj, Atri and Kashyap are remembered and honored with great devotion and dedication by the Hindus. It is to be highly remembered that the four Vedas, Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Aharva veda were written by legendary Rishis. On the other hand, the writing work of these four Vedas was in steady progress for approximately 500 years. Hindus largely remember the direct social contribution of these great Rishis and they wholeheartedly express their inner gratitude with great devotion and dedication.

It is to be highly noted that the seven ‘Nakshatras’ near the North Pole are popularly known as ‘Saptarshi’ by the Hindus. It is purposely named in order to remember the names of the legendary Rishis permanently who contributed to the mankind and its religion. On this religiously significant day, Hindus observe fasting or Vrata with great dedication and devotion. On this day, Hindus have holy dip or bath in the holy river in the early morning, brush their teeth with medicinal herbal stick and perform pooja to the specially arranged seven bettlenuts on the wooden platform that is considered as the image of Rishis.

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