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Remedies for the people born on Amavasya day

It is largely believed that Amavasya birth is totally not good. According to Sage Parasara, “O Maitreya!, the person, born on Amavasya, is always poverty stricken.It is therefore essential to adopt remedial measures to obtain relief from the evil effects of such births”.

He or she might have legal issues, no proper alliance matching for unmarried person, marriage delay strained mutual relationship in marital life and with other family members, financial difficulties, poverty, troubles from enemies, etc.

The following can be done for relief and good results in personal and professional life.

Take a water vessel known locally as Kalash and then put in it fresh tender leaves of Neema, mango, papal, Vata (banyan) and Goolar (wild fig) trees. Later with two pieces of cloth and cover it. After wholeheartedly reciting the appropriate mantras, in the South-West direction install the Kalash. The Shani affected person should worship the idols of Candr and Surya. These Lords are considered as the ruling deities of Amavasya. It is better to use those idols that are made of silver, gold, mixed with copper.

The mantras for Candr and the Mantras for Surya should be repeated 5 or 16 times with dedication and commitment. Then Havan with 28 or 108 obligations should be done. It is also done with cooked food (Charu) and the mixture of prescribed fuels. During this time, recitation of Mantras of Surya and Candr should also be done. Later the water in the Kalash is sprinkled on the person affected by Amavasya birth. In charity, some Brahmin can be feed by means, a black cow can be denoted to a Brahmin and gold or silver can also be donated to the poor.

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