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Refrain from Noise Pollution in Ganeshotsav celebrations

In the present scenario of Ganesh festival, most of the popular Ganesh pandal including small minor Pandals are filling application to get permission to allow use of Radio jockey or disc jockey during the Ganesh festivals.

Most street is having two to three Ganesh pandals and the nearby street and lanes have same or more number of Pandals in the neighborhoods. A peculiar situation is that all these pandal play high pitch devotional, filmy, remix and ganger beats songs at the same time during the day and night.

According to the rules and regulation department during Ganesh festivals, sound system can be used between 6am to 10pm only. But in the society it isn’t followed very strictly. People should refrain from noise pollution under any cause. During Ganesh festivals it is highly advisable play musical instruments like Tabla, Mridangam and other low sound instruments.

It is to be highly noted that sound speakers or loud speakers can create problem for educational institutions, hospitals, old age homes, mental hospitals etc. It is advised to use small box-type speakers which make less noise to be used during Ganesh festivity.
Firecrackers bursting should be highly avoided under any cause during the Ganesh festivals. The hearing of the aged people and small children are largely affected by the bursting of firecrackers. It is to be noted that firecrackers emit harmful fumes that is not good for health.

Singing of bhajans and kirthanas should be encouraged by the devotees. Talented devotes can show their skills on the stage of Ganesh pandals and entertain the crowd gathered near the Ganesh idols.

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