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Ravivar Vrat: Sunday Fasting Dedicated to God Surya

In Hindu tradition each day is dedicated to a particular God. This way Sunday, is dedicated to Lord Surya or Suryanarayana. Fasting on the day is dedicated to the Sun God and the colour associated with this day is Red .

People who undertake fast on the day only eat food once  before sunset. Usually  on these days Salt, oil and fried food items are avoided. Red color flowers are offered while praying. Red color sandalwood paste is applied as tilak on forehead.

It is believed that performing the Ravivar Vrat will help in fulfilling desires. Normally people with skin diseases observe the Vrat to get relief. After doing the vrat it is common practice to donate alms to the poor and needy people to get the blessings of Sun God.


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4 Responses to "Ravivar Vrat: Sunday Fasting Dedicated to God Surya"

  1. Nagarjuna Ve says:

    12 sundays fasting for lord surya

  2. Kanaka Raju says:

    Way to eat in Surya Vrat

  3. Anonymous says:

    scientific reason behind ravivar ka vrat

  4. Anonymous says:

    vrat for childs skin disease

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