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Raktakali Temple In Nepal

Raktakali is the one of the most popular Kali temple of Nepal which is situated way to Nara Devi Temple.

If you watch toungue of Maa Kali you will see it’s fully covered with blood of demons. Rakta Kali means that form of Maa Kali.
The Rakta Kali temple is presenved by Jaapu Community.

This temple is not big but area it covers is big and there are various other statues of Maa Shakti on her various forms.

If you want to build statue of Devi Shakti and put in this temple then you are welcome. We manage to put your Goddess Statue in Raktakali temple.

One can enter inside temple premies from two large gets. As in all most all temple of Nepal contain stupa of Lord Buddha and here also one can see Stupa of Lord Buddha.Rakta Kali is also called as Kulabhulu Ajima.

Ma Kali is always source of Shakti and Power. She is known for her unrestrained, wilderness & terrifying characteristics.

Her frightening look has the capacity to give heartaches even to the strongest of men. Rakta Kali is the mother who dwells there with immaterial spirits.

Her nature is such that she is beyond all concepts & qualities. She has the same characteristics of goddess Kali. The ‘warrior’ nature can never be separated from her person.

Goddess kali is female energy and her male form of God is Bhairab.

Each day millions of devotees come here to worship Maa Rakta Kali. The flow of people is very high in the time of Navaratri and Dashai.

Person who is seeking for courage, power etc should do online puja at Rakta Kali temple. Soldiers who are going into war should do online puja at Rakta Kali temple because with her blessing soldiers gets victory, his life may be protected by Ma Rakta Kali. In another words Rakta Kali online puja helps to protect person life and give victory in war.

War is not always fought in battle field. A lot of time conflict and war goes on inside your mind and with society too. Such situations are largely helped by Online Rakta Kali Temple puja. While performing puja of Ma Raktakali other various forms of Ma Shakti is also worshipped. Some of them are Barahi, Manakamana etc

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