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Purnima Puja at Temple in Chhattisgarh

The state of Chhattisgarh is blessed with several ancient, medieval and modern temples that are largely dedicated to Indian Gods and Goddesses. It is a land of many historical and archeological importance ancient temples.

Devotes of Hindu religion give much importance to the auspicious days of Amavasya and purnima plus all those Hindu religious festivals according to the Hindu religious calendar. The temples that can be visited by Purnima devotees in the state of Chattisgarh are many in numbers.

It is to be noted that the district of Bastar has two important temples. They are Ardhanarisvara Image (Bhiram Deo Temple) located in Bhairamdeogarhi and Karli Mahadev Temple located in Samlur. In the district of Bilaspur, the famous temples for Purnima devotees are Mahadev Temple in Pali and Tuman, Pateleswar Mahadev temple located in Malhar and Arbhar Temple (Siva Temple) in Arbar.

It is really interesting to know that an old ruined sandstone Siva temple located in Deobaloda in Durga district of the state largely attracts devotees from the nook and corner of the state because of its religious significance from the days of ancient times. It is to be remembered that Mahadev Temple located in Narayanpur in the district of Raipur is attached with math of Mandapa and Bairagi. There is an old Shiva temple in the district of Rajnandgaon were special purnima puja at midnight is performed with full dedication and devotion for the devotees. In most of these temples prayers and rituals are conducted according to the ancient Hindu religious tradition and culture.

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