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Puja room decoration ideas for Diwali

Diwali which is known as the “festival of lights” is an auspicious occasion to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi and the Ganesh. There are several ways through which the puja room is decorated to give it a bright and fresh look. The important part of Diwali festival is to maintain the house hygiene and completely clean. Make sure to use fresh flowers during the puja time. We can make use of the fresh flowers such as the marigold, rose, orchids for the decoration of the puja room. The aromatic and the floating diyas can be placed which adds the festive look to the house.

By decorating the puja thali, to add ambience, color and enhance the beauty of the house. All the ingredients in the thali should be placed n a proper manner. A traditional door hanging can be used to give the elegant look to the room. Also, diyas play an important role during this festival. They can be decorated with different decorative pieces, designs and colors. The use of the garlands can be used to decorate the entrance of the room, old custom which is being still followed.

The entire puja room can be illuminated with diyas and beautiful and bright flowers to get the festive look. It is believed that worshipping both the Gods is very auspicious and also brings the wisdom and wealth. The pooja begins by lighting a lamp or a diya in the presence of the entire family. Every ingredient or the object arranged in the thali has its own significance. Moreover, puja thali make the puja more auspicious and worthy. The beauty of the rangoli further enhances the beauty with the help of the diyas and the rice grains. This ritual has been followed since ages. These innovative ways can be followed to make this Dwali more special and memorable.

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