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Pratipada Shraddha

According to the Hindus religious scholar and pundits, Pitru Paksha is a period of 15 days. It is the right time for performing all types of religious pujas and rituals for the ancestors and forefathers with great devotion and dedication. The first day of pitru paksha is religious known as Pratipada Shraddha and the last days of pitru paksha is religious known as Mahalaya amavasya or Sarvapitri Amavasya. The most popular site for Pitru Paksha Shraddha rituals are Rishikesh, Allahabad, Haridwar, Rameshwaram, Varanasi, Gaya etc.

In certain regions, pratipada Shraddha is known as Paadyami Shraddha and Prathami Shraddh. As per the north Indian traditional calendar, the religious occasion of pitra paksha starts on dark fortnight of ashwin month. On the other hand, as per the south Indian traditional calendar, the religious occasion of pitra paksha starts on dark fortnight of Bhadrapada month.

It is to be highly noted that Pratipada Shraddha is conducted for all those deceased members of the family who died particularly on Pratipada Tithi, including both Krishna Paksha Pratipada and Shukla. It is to be remembered that for maternal grandfather and grandmother, Pratipada Shraddha Tithi is perfectly considered suitable to largely perform Shraddha. The souls of maternal grandparents can be appeased if the family members perform Shraddha at maternal home in the presence of other family members, relatives and friends as per the ancient Hindu tradition.

In case, the great grand parents death anniversary is not known then the family members can indulge in Tithi on this auspicious day. Prosperity and happiness at home can be achieved by performing Shraddha is the right manner in the presence of a priest. Parvan Shraddhas and Pitru Paksha Shraddhas are the right auspicious time to perform Rohina and Kutup Muhurat. At the end of the Shraddha, Tarpan is done. In certain regions Pratipada Shraddha is also called as Padwa Shraddha.

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