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Powerful Karn Pischachini Sadhana during Grahan

The period of Grahan is said to be the most powerful for doing any sadhana. One of the rare and most powerful sadhanas done by Sadhaks is the Karn Pischachini Sadhana. This involves chanting of the Karn Pischachini Mantra for 1.5 Lakh times. If the sadhak becomes succesful in this sadhana, he can get to know the complete past of any person.

Many big astrologers have acquired this siddhi and this is the reason, they can tell you the complete past of any person. But even they will have to predict the future and it will be only a prediction. They cannot tell accurately about the future. It is said that Karn Pischachini whispers the details in the ears of the sadhak.

It is very difficult to perform this sadhana and it should be done under the guidance of a trianed Guru. There are strict rituals to be followed during Karn Pischachini Sadhana. The Grahana Kaal is the ideal time to perform this sadhana. Many sadhaks make use of this opportunity and perform sadhana to gain siddhi.

Even though it is difficult to perform this sadhana, the bigger difficulty will come after the sadhana. The constant whispering of Karn Pischachini in the ears can drive a person mad if he is not prepared for the outcome. This is the real test for the sadhak and he has to obtain complete control over Karn Pischachini and use it only when he desires. Again, if it is used with wrong intent, it will have serious adverse effect on the sadhak.

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