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Popular Ganesha Temples in Tamil Nadu – Lord Vinayaka

The state of temples, Tamil Nadu has thousands of Vinayagar temples. Here is the list of popular Vinayagar temples in Tamil Nadu.

  • Ganapathy temple is located at Ganapati Agraharam (near Kumbakonam).
  • Katpaka Vinayaka temple is located at Chidambaram.
  • The Gokarneswarar temple and the hill temple of Shanmukhanathar is located at Pudukkottai.
  • Manjanti Vinayaka temple located at Kalati.
  • Gangai Ganapati temple at Kudantai Kirkoddam.
  • Uchchipillayar temple at Kumbakonam . It is behind the Nageshvara shrine and in front of the Someshvar temple.
  • The Mukkuruni Pillaiyar located at Madurai. It is inside the huge Meenakshi Temple complex in Madurai.
  • Mayuresha Vinayaka temple is located at Mayapuram.
  • A five-headed Ganesha (Pancha Mukha Vinayaka) mounted on a lion resides at Nagapattinam
  • Pillaiyarpatti temple is located at Karaikudi
  • Manakkula Vinayagar (Pillaiyar) temple is located at Pondicherry.
  • Vinayagar temple near Ponneri in Nandyampakkam Athippattu located at Ponneri (Dt Thiruvallur).
  • Rajaganapathy temple is located at Salem.
  • Temple of eleven Svayambhu Ganesha is located at Senpakkam.
  • Aapattukatta Vinayaka temple is located at Sirkazhi.
  • Vallabha Vinayagar temple is located at Thanjavur.
  • Varasiddhi Vinayaka temple is located at Vallam.
  • Selva Vinayagar / Somasundareswarar temple. Shenbakkam is located near Vellore. The main deity is Selva Vinayagar and Somasundareswarar. Lord Ganesha is rightly enshrined as Valampuri Vinayakar, with his trunk turned to the right instead of to the left.
  • Mattru Uraita Pillaiyar temple is located at Viruttasalam.
  • Eachanari Vinayagar temple is located at Coimbatore. The main deity is Vinayagar. in 1990, the last kumbabishekam was grandly performed. This temple dates back to 1500 A.D, this temple is among the oldest one in Coimbatore.

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