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Pitru Moksha Spots for Amavasya rituals (Ancestor Salvation)

According to the ancient Hindu scholars and pundits, ancestor salavation spots for Pitru moksha worshipped by Lord Sri Rama are largely considered Ideal for Pitru Worship on the auspicious day of Amavasya.

In the entire world, Poovalur near Trichy and Seshambadi near Kumbakonam, both in Tamil Nadu are considered as some of the best Pitru Mukti spots for ancestor salvation.

It is to be remembered that Lord Rama performed tarpana pooja for his Soorya dynasty ancestors and his father Dasaratha at ancestor salvation sacred spots in Tamil Nadu and more than 108 Pitru Moksha spots in rest of India. The other Pitru Moksha spots in Tamil Nadu are Kekkarai, Theerthandapuram, Innambur, Thilatharpanapuri, Nedungudi and Rameswaram.

On the other hand, according to local legends, there are more than 1008 ancestor salvation sacred spots or Pitru Mukti kshetra in the whole of the holy land of India. The popular religious spots are Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gaya, Prayag, Varanasi etc.

At most of the 1008 ancestor salvation sacred spots or Pitru Mukti kshetra, there are these pitru mukti temples where the expert priests perform rituals and prayers according to Hindu religion. It is to be noted that during Mahalaya Paksha, priest uses Metals and Lamp Deepa Jyoti and the Shakti of Moolika (herb) leaves for performing the rituals.

A devotee can take the assistance of the local expert Hindu religious scholars and pundits in identifying the nearest ancestor salvation sacred spots or Pitru Mukti kshetra for perfomation special rituals on the day of Amavasya.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how to attain mukti / moksha in hinduism for ancestors

  2. Anonymous says:

    about rituals done for ancistors to their moksha

  3. sundar says:

    Thanks for the information reg pitru dosha nivarthi but iam confused as to which temple/ holy place(only one temple) where i can the said nivarthi i.e the best one pl e-mail to me

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