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Phalgun Amavasya

Phalgun Amavasya is observed during the phalgun masa according to Hindu Calender. As per English Calender this comes during the period of March.

Phalgun Amavasya is ideal for doing shradh and tarpan for the deceased ancestors in the family. It is also advisable to do anna daan and vastra daan as per rituals while performing the shradh.

People also take bath in holy rivers during Amavasya and perform the shradh, so that the ancestors will be satisfied and bless them with riches. It is one of the ways to get relief from Pitru Dosha.

Phalgun Amavasya is also important historically from the fact that Ravana was killed on the day of Phalguna Amavasya by Lord Rama.

After performing the shradh, the natives should donate food and clothes to brahmins and other poor people to the best of their ability. This will enable them to receive the blessings of planets and reduce the malefic effects on their lives.

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