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Peaceful mind

Body and Mind are the two important assets of a human. These two can never be separated from each other. Body follows the mind’s instructions.

If we want to do any ritual, then we have to arrange for all the necessary things that were required to complete the ritual successfully. In the modern era, we don’t even know how to perform rituals and for this fact we approach some Brahman to get the clarification.

After having the clarification from the Brahman we then have to go to market and buy the necessary things. At this juncture, we come across things that we never heard before nor will be hearing in future.

But still we will go and find them and get them arranged for the ritual purpose. In this case the Mind had given the instructions and the Body followed them.

In then same way we don’t know what happens tomorrow and why it happened yesterday. We have to do what all we can, today only.

The mind gives you the energy and the body utilizes. It is very important to have a peaceful mind and a pure body to concentrate on the God rituals in order to get some good results in your future.

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