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Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Pashupatinath Temple is a renowned temple which is devoted to Lord Pashupatinath. However, the degree of significance of this temple is not like the mythically consecrated Lord Pashupatinath Temple which is situated in Kathmandu, Nepal. The major god worshipped here is Lord Pashupatinath, which is a depiction of Lord Shiva. The most attractive feature of this temple is that there is a Shiv linga which boasts eight faces of Lord Shiva. There are four gateways of the temple on four sides.

Lying on the riverbanks of the Shivna River, the temple is a major place of worship in the city of Mandsaur. The dimensions of the temple are as follows:
Length – 90 feet (27.6 m)
Width – 30 feet (9.2 m) and
Height – 101 feet (31 m).
There is a gold-plated pitcher or kalash which weighs 100 kg.

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