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Panchami Tithi Shraddh, 5th day of Pitru Paksha

According to the ancient Hindu religious texts and inscriptions, the best place for performing the fifth day thithi known as Panchami Thithi in South India is at the Mukkoodal spot near the Srinivasa temple on the Kanchipuram – Chengalpet route and at The Sankaraparani River in the Gingee region and where three regional rivers meet and form a sangam.

This particular sangam isn’t much popular in south India but has religious importance among the Amavasya devotees of Tamil Nadu.

The method of performing Panchami Thithi is very simple. Take a reddish earthen lamp which is locally known as agal vilakku in Tamil language. It is to be believed to have the shakti of the five elements (pancha bhoota shakti). Pour in the lamp few drop of neem oil, castor oil, coconut oil and sesame (gingelly) oil and mix it well. Then light the earthen lamp with of handspun cotton or lotus stalks as wicks. It should be atleast six inches. Make a bed with Aswattha (peepal) leaves. Place the lamp on it and do the tarpanam with lamp as divine witness.

Those who are suffering from size (too fat, too thin), from a variety of inferiority complexes concerning their height (too short), color (too dark), teeth (not straight enough), hair (not enough, not straight) and problem related to eyes, ears, nose, caste/race get relief from this tarpanam. All types of suffering get immediate relief by doing this particular tarpanam wholeheartedly with the assistance of a priest. This puja should be done in the early morning.

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    why panchami tithi is important in hinduism

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    panchami thithi time in usa i

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    when is the panchami tithi in 2013

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    Mahalaya paksa vilaku yetra vendum

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