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Other Important Information on Amavasya

According to the Hindu religious and traditional calendar, the month of Aadi is marked with the most festivals.

Most of the Hindu devotees strongly believe in rebirth

Offerings to the ancestors and forefathers are placed in trays of all types of fruits and flowers that are beautifully decorated and arranged.

All the Devotees thronged the nearest temples and its tank.

The temple authorities of south India take on procession, a brass Vel with Valli Ammai and Theivayanai idols after taking a dip in the holy Sea or River on the Amavasya day.

Special poojas were conducted in the temples throughout the day by the main priests

During Amavasya in south India, Lord Murugan, Valli Ammai and Theivayanai were well decorated in the Vasantha Mandapam of the temple and special poojas are conducted.

Banana leaves are widely used to serve vegetarian meals during the time of fasting during the Amavasya days

Temple nearby shops sells religious requirement items for the devotees.

Long Garlands and sweet fruits added beauty to the amavasya day

at temples and homes, Aadi, the Tamil month of July runs from Mid July to Mid August, it is largely considered sacred and is filled with many auspicious days that is suitable for conducting rituals and prayers.

Some devotees fast the whole day for their ancestor.

All Souls Day is observed by the Roman Catholics around the world, Amavasya is the same for the Hindus. The day marks great respect for elders and the dear departed souls.

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