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Other Ganesha mounts and the Serpent

The usual vehicle of Lord Ganesh is the mouse. It is quite rare to see an image or idol or statue of Lord Ganesha without his mouse. If it is so then it seems like missing really something. There are rear image of Lord Ganesh with peacock as his vechile. This can be witnessed in Vikata and Mayureshwar . It is a known fact that Ganesh brother named Skanda who is also known as Kartikkeya’s vehicle is Peacock.

On the other hand, the Ganesh mount may very exceptionally be the elephant as cited in the Skanda Purâna.

The Ganesh mount is the lion according to the tantric forms such as Simha Ganapati, Heramba Ganapati, Vakratunda, Pañchamukha Vinâyaka or, moreover, in the case of , a multiple-headed serpent on which lord Ganesh is sitting according to Moolâdhâra Ganapati.

The serpent has been closely attached with Ganesh since a very long time. Ganesh boldly and carefully holding a serpent is mentioned in the Tantric texts. This is described in an elaborated manner in this text.

The Satapatha Brahmana frequently uses the important word Nâga in order to name the elephant… Lord Ganesh, perfectly surmounted by the canopy of a five-headed Nâga , is largely worshipped with devotion by many esoteric sects.

A large snake coiled around Lord Ganesh’s stomach is depicted in lot of Ganesh images across the country and abroad. The snake is also display on Lord Ganesh’s neck, or like a holy sacred thread on Lord Ganesh’s left shoulder.

Many Napalese statues of Lord Ganesh are depicted as holding a snake in his both the hands.

In the Deccan area, according to the traditional ancient Ganapati images that is mainly found in the open air or under the banayan trees are often accompanied by “Naga stones”. The image of snake’s head is displayed above the head of Lord Ganesh in is some primitive Ganesh images.

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