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Origin of Bathukamma festival

There are two versions regarding the origin of Bathukamma festival according to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits. As per the legendary mansions that belong to the history of the Telangana region. There is an interesting note cited about Bathukamma festival in Telugu books.

It is to be noted that Daksha with devotion and dedication performed a Yagna. On this occasion he invited each and everyone. On the other hand he didn’t invite his youngest daughter who is named Gauri who is married to Lord Shiva against his wish. In this situation, Gauri went to the Yagna against Shiva’s will. This was regarded as an insult for Lord Shiva.

Gauri was really unable to tolerate this particular insult and immediately sacrificed her life by setting herself ablaze in fire. The women folk wished to bring her back to life. For this particular purpose all the women folk present her flowers and made the turmeric idol of the Goddess. They actively got involved in dancing and singing around the idol of Bathukamma.

It is to be also remembered that a historical texts scripted in Telugu mention another version for this Bathukamma festival. According it there was a king named Dharmagada belonging to the Chola Dynasty. He ruled south india. Many years after marriage, he was childless. After many prayers and rituals, his life gave birth to a cute daughter. The baby was named Lakshmi. Their daughter met with many incidents and accident when she was brought up. Later her parents named her Batukamma which means live female belong to this earth.

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