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One and only Shaneeshwar Temple in Kerala for Amavasya devotees

In Kerala, there is only one Shanesshwar temple. It is located at Kannanmam in Kollam district. The major nearest towns are Kottarakkara, Adoor, Pandalam (Sabarimaalaa Swaamy palace), Karunagappilly and Kayamkulam.

The nearest places are Bharanikkavu, Charumoodu and Sastham Kotta. According to historians, this temple is very old and more than 7500 years. As per the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, Naarad Muni did Pratishthaa and instructed prayer, ritual and rites to reduce Shani Dosh. It is believed Duryodhan, Yudhishthir, Arjun and Bheem prayed at this temple.

It is to be noted that just 4 miles away from this temple, there is an only Duryodhan Temple located in India. The temple is locally known as pooruvazhy Mala nada mutthappan. It is to be remembered that Ponal Kalarigurukkal family was in-charge of Shanesshwar temple.

The Shanesshwar temple worship and opening times are morning 5.30 am to 9 am and evening 5 pm to 7.30 pm. It is to be remembered that Saturday is the important day in this temple. There aren’t any staying facilities nearby the temple. The nearest lodges for devotees are situated at adoor, Kayamkulam, Karunagappilly, Mavelikkara and Pandaalam.

The devotees bring to this temple 3 or 4 Pacha Thenga (coconut), petal leaves (101 nos), lemons and white threads as offering to this temple. The temple priest distributes Ellu Paayasam to the devotees who visit this temple. The local legends strongly believe that those who have any kind of dosham if they visit this temple and pray with devotion and dedication then their dosham will be reduced to a great extent.

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