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On Sept 23, Honour for Mantralaya bravehearts will be held as part of Ganeshutsav 2012

The original giant of Lalbaug, the Ganesh Gully mandal, has special reserved pride of place for all those residents and citizens who serve the city. This mandal has the tradition of organizing a series of special ‘aartis’ on all 10 days. In this arti, people from various walks of life will perform it. They are journalists and radio announcers and policemen and dabbawallahs.

on September 23, the evening aarti of Ganesh Gully’s ‘Mumbaicha Raja’ will be held at 8.30pm and lead by Vishal Rane Ganesh Munj, Suresh Baria, Deepak Adsul and Premji Roz. They are the five brave employees of Mantralaya.

On September 20, Mumbai’s Dabbawallahs will lead the Ganesh Gully aarti and Seva Sadhana Pushpavrushti Mandal the next day will be held by them. A member said to the media, “For 27 years we had the privilege of showering flowers on the Mumbaicha Raja as its visarjan procession passed by our apartment building, However, since the Lalbaug flyover’s height was raised recently, the idol is led along a different route. We were so disappointed at this that the organizers have reserved an aarti for us to offer.”

On September 22, 24, 25 and 26 respectively, Actors, cops, journalists and radio jockeys will be warmly welcomed to Ganesh Gully. These functions will be attended by large number of peoples. The state government has made all arrangement to meet the needs of these functions. Many VIP’s and state official are reported to grace the function so the police department is gearing up with plans.

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