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Office Decoration Ideas for Diwali

Diwali is certainly a festival with lights and with the strong cultural background. This celebration has also been extended to the office and every corner across the country. It is a perfect time for a new start and figuring out unique ways to celebrate this festive season at the work place. We can create the festive mood by decorating the cube in a more unique and distinctive way. On this special occasion, gift the colleague’s dry fruits, candies, sweets etc. The office premises can be decorated with the rangolis, bells etc. Many competitions could be held at the work place. It is important to ensure the safety and also strictly obey the rules of the organization. The tables in the cafeteria can be decorated with the beautiful cloths and conduct any fun-filled activity.

The Indian traditional flowers such as Marigold can be used for the decoration purpose. The slide show of the Diwali pictures can be displayed at the fest. The office walls can be decorated temporarily through varied ways. You can gift your colleague at this special occasion such as
crystal vase, photo frames, crockery items etc. The traditional rangoli can be decorated with the beautiful diyas, colors and flowers at the entrance. The terracotta vessels can be filled with the water and petals can be placed and well decorated. The various ethnic paper lanterns
of different designs, patterns can be used for the Diwali celebrations. The other alternative for rangoli is the printed stickers having different designs can be used. Also, the rangoli is another way to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi at the entrance.

A lot of traditional decorative ways are associated related to this festival. It has been marked as the more auspicious day for starting any new venture or event. There can be addition of an aquarium at the office place. Also, by adding few art pieces to your place can enhance the existing décor. These are the few easy and simply ideas which can be implemented at any budget. Hurry up!

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