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Now, Ganesh idols go much green with lot of veggies

In most of the metropolitan cities and town there is a race to roll out the best and huge Ganesh idol for this Ganesh Festival 2012. The public is more curious to know first which Ganesh mandal has come out with their best Ganesh Idol 2012. Most of the Ganesh mandals are purchasing or making their own small, medium and larger than size Ganesh idols with plaster of Paris and thick coats of dangerous and harmful chemical paint.

In this scenario, students at Villa Theresa School at Peddar Road in Mubai are gearing up for Ganesh festival 2012 in a unique way. They are learning with keen interest the trick of churning out best small palm-sized and large eco-friendly Ganesh idols. They are using only plain old jute and paper; it is really a breakthrough in its large scale usage. Moreover, they are using dal, potatoes, eggplants to name some vegetables.

Children’s Movement of Civic Awareness (CMCA) is initialing the drive for ‘Green Ganesha’. They are pooling in students from several schools and colleges for this purpose for this year Ganesh festival 2012. They are creating ‘veggie idols’. They are using potatoes for the trunk and head part and eggplants for the body part of Ganesh idols.

While speaking to the media, Vinodini Lulla, founding CMCA co-ordinator said, “Vegetables are not only easily available, their use does not harm the environment, Only if bigger Ganesh mandals picked up such an idea can the true green spirit of the festival be celebrated. I discourage them from using flower garlands and coconuts, which also pollute the water. Hence, dal, which is edible to the fish.”

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    small ganesh idol with vegetables

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    small ganpati of small vegetables

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