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Narahari Parvatha Sadashiva Temple, Mangalore thronged on ‘Aati Amavasya’ and ‘Sona Amavasya’

Narahari Parvatha Sadashiva Temple is located on National highway no: 48 that connect Bangalore to Mangalore. Narahari Parvatha is perfectly surrounded by fascinating greeneries and panoramic scenes.

It is situated in in Bantwal taluk of Dakshina Kannada district. The temple is at a distance of nearly 28km from Mangalore. The ‘Sadashiva Temple’ is located 1,000 feet above sea-level on the said hill. The temple belongs to the age of Pandavas.

The devotees should climb nearly 150 steps to reach the temple. This particular temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. According to the local legends and Hindu religious scholars, “It is believed that Nara and Hari, incarnations of Lord Vishnu were supposed to have performed the penance at this place.

There are ponds atop of the hill in the shape of Shanka (Conch), Chakra (Wheel), Gadha (Weapon) and Padma (Lotus).” The devotees strongly believe that on Monday of the Karthika month, having a dip in these ponds is largely regarded as sacred.

Hindu religious devotees throng this hill spot during the Sona Amavasya and Aati Amavasya for Teerthasnana which means a dip in the ponds. Other festivals celebrated in this temple are Sri Ganesh Chaturthi, Nagapanchami and Shivaratri.

A large number of devotees visit this temple on these days of the festivals. On the day of Amavasya, an abhishekam with tender coconut will fulfill all the desires. Devotees also perform ‘Baliwadu Seva’ and ‘Pasharpane’ in this temple. ‘Thotilu Magu Seva’ is performed for the children to get better future and remove their doshams.

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