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Naradevi Temple In Nepal

Nara Devi temple of Kathmandu, Nepal which is evidence of Newari wonderful architecture history. The three stored pagoda shape tample attrack each day thousands of visitors.

Some say in the past era human sacrifice were done in this Naradevi Temple. But this is rumour build of Anti Hindu and Anti Vedic elements. Nara means Human and Devi means female Skati Goddess.So in total it means goddess of Human being.

Locals who live nearby places never forget to visit this temple once a day. Naradevi is also called of Ajima from newars which means mother.

Nara Devi Temple is build according Ying principle or female energy. People get power, courage, spirits etc by doing puja on Naradevi temple.

In temple roof and walls there are crafting of various Hindu gods and goddess.

In the time of Navaratri and Dashai the temple of Naradevi is over crowed with visitors.

When one enter inside the temple one can feel sort of power of Goddess Nara Devi.

Naradevi goddess statue is another wonderful work of Newari architecture. One most appreciate Newar community because of them Kathmandu Valley is known as Temple city. Newari people built a lot of temples in Kathmandu valley.

From the name of temple the place name is called Naradevi. NaraDevi is Kula devi of some newari community.

Local who are very devoted in Goddess Naradevi said they been through miraculous experience with goddess power and they are been saved by disasters etc by goddess.

Goddess Naradevi protects human being from weakness, distress etc. She often come to dreams of her devotees and tell them about upcoming dangers, problems etc.

Goddess Naradevi is one of the Devi who protects Kathmandu valley. These Hindu temples are not built in just vain. Beside it there are hidden great religious and tantric secrets. That’s why these temples are Shakti Pita which means source of energy.

So called our modern generation are trying to say it’s just superstition in such hi tech scientific age. But I want to ask them some question what is the history of modern science and how much they did research on these subjects ? The history of modern science is just 200 years old. Ironically more they are trying to make our life simple but its turning into more complexes. Vedic people were more advanced then modern scientist. They knew the secrets of nature.

Naradevi temple is also most secret temple and it has very important Tantric significance. Various types of tantric ritual and puja are done on this temple. We offer various types of Online puja at Naradevi Temple.

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