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Nagula chowti during Diwali

Nagula Chowti also known as Nagula Chavithi is the festival dedicated to the worship of serpents and is observed on the fouth day after Deepavali amavasya during karthika masam. Nagula Chavithi in karthika masa is a major festival in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Legend of Nagula Chowti : During the churning of the ocean (samudra manthan) , a snake was used as rope and in the process a terrible poison emerged. In order to protect the whole universe from the poison , Lord Shiva drank the poison. However, a few drops spilled and to ward off the evil effects, people worship the cobra to pacify the brood and protect themselves from any ill effects.

On the day of Nagula Chavithi, people offer milk and worship the sarpa devatha at the temples or the snake pits. Some people however place the naga devatha idol at home and perform the puja. People make various dishes on this day to enjoy the festival.

Nowadays, there is a very bad practice emerging of people offering milk to the snake pits directly and worshipping the snake pits. It is to be kept in mind that snakes do not drink milk as it is conceived and you could be doing more harm to the snakes by pouring in milk into the pits. It could also kill the baby snakes if any are present inside. As an alternative, there are many temples dedicated to the naga devathas and it would be good if people worshipped in temples .

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