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Mohini Ekadashi

Mohini Ekadashi occurs in the month of Vaisakha (April – May), during the waxing phase of moon. The significance of this particular Ekadasi was perfectly explained to Lord Ram by Vasistha and also to Yudishitira, the eldest of the Pandavas by Lord Krishna. According to Hindu mythology, after the separation from Sita, with a heavy heart Lord Ram approached the Sage. The sage adviced Lord Rama to observe Mohini Ekadasi in orders to over come the sadness in life. It largely helped him to overcome distress and ignorance that was created by maya. In order to remove the burden of sin, this particular Ekadashi is best. The sage also told Lord Rama several other benefits that are largely associated with Mohini Ekadashi.

According to the local legends, fasting on the auspicious day of Mohini Ekadasi is really far better than performing sacrifices and having a dip or bath in holy rivers. In the Surya Purana, the significance of Mohini Ekadasi that happens in the month of Vaisakha and during the waxing moon is well-explained. Hindu devotees observe fasting on the auspicious day of Mohini Ekadasi as per the Hindu ancient tradition plus the strict rules and regulation of religious fasting. People have an early morning bath or dip in the nearest river and visit the nearest temple with great dedication and devotion. They participate in all the religious activities in the temple with family members, relatives and friends. Certain special pujas and rituals are conducted at home and temple by the priest for the prosperity and happiness of the devotees. On this auspicious day, the temples across the nation are witnessed with several religious activities and functions. This particular Ekadashi plays a significant role in the life’s of Hindus and they observe it with lot of perfection in order to obtain the best benefits in life.

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