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Method of Doing Shraddha and Importance of it on Amvasya day

On the Amvasya day, the Shraddh is performed with the offering of Pindas – Daan to the forefathers. It is to be noted that Pindas is made with sesame seeds, water and grass.

The respect and devotion towards the ancestors is the base of the Shraddha. Hindus should follow the method of rituals cited below for doing Shraddh.

Initially, with fresh water wash the feet of the priest and make him sit on a seat. Matru Paksha and Pitra Paksha brahmin should sit directly facing the north direction and Deva Paksha brahmin should sit facing east direction while performing the rituals and having food. The worship of gods should be done with the offering of flowers, diyas and Dhoops. On the other hand, a mixture of Barley and water is also used in the offering.

On the right shoulder, on should wear the scared thread, with the permission of the priest, the Brahmin should call the forefathers by chanting the mantras. The Brahmin should offer should to Agni on the instruction of the priest by chanting “Agneya Kavyavahanaya Swaha” “Somaya Pitramate Swaha”. The Brahmin should sprinkle sesame seeds on the floor at the place for doing shraddh.

The Sarva Pitru Shraddha is considered to be auspicious on Amavasya Pitra Paksha. Locally this amvasya is known as Mahalaya Amvasya or Visarjani Amavasya. In Ashwin month for the forefather’s peace and welfare, rituals should be performed according to the Shraddh rules and regulation of Hinduism. Pitra ritual starts from Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha Purnima and largely remains till the day of Amavasya.

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