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Mauni Amavasya Vidhi, Procedure (Magha Amavasya)

According to the capacity of an individual, he or she should observe Maun Vrat and perform meditation and give donations on the day of Mauni Amavasya.

There isn’t any Hindu religious rules and regulation written in the holy texts or inscriptions.On the other hand, Hindu religious scholars and pundits have given certain specification on these matters so that there is uniformity among the observers in Hindus.

It is largely advised on the day of Mauni Amavasya to have a bath or dip in the Sangam. Those who are unable to reach the sangam can have bath or dip in the nearest pond, well or river or stream. If there isn’t any availability of these water bodies then one can have bath in the house with good water. The bathing should be done after completing the daily routines of the day.

Ganga Jal can be also used for sprinkling on the body. It is to be remembered that silence or Mauna Vrata should be strongly observed while having bath or dip and meditation. On this particular day, an individual should try to make his mind strong and keep himself way from wrong works. This act makes the body strong and keeps the mind peaceful. After having a bath and mediation, the person should devotionally worship Lord Brahma and commitedly perform the Gayatri Jaap.

A person can give donation by chanting mantras and done with faith. The donation can be given to cow plus to poor people bed, clothes and gold or any other useful items.

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