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Mars(Mangal) – Astrological Information

रक्ताम्बरो रक्तवपुः किरीटी चतुर्भुजो मेषगतो गदाभृत् ।
धरासुतः शक्तिधरश्च शूली सदायमस्मद् वरदः प्रसन्नः ।।

Friends : Sun, Moon, Jupiter.
Enemies : Mercury.
Neutral : Saturn, Venus.
Lord of : Aries, Scorpio.
Mooltrikona : Aries 00-120
Exaltation : Capricorn 280
Debilitation : Cancer 280
Kalas/kiranas : 6/10
Sex : Male
Direction : South.
Lucky stone : Red coral, Garnet.
Lucky colours : Deep red.
Diety : Ganapati, Hanuman, Subramanya, Shanmukha Kartikeya.
Articles of donation : Copper, wheat, ghee, red cloth, flower, sandal wood, dal masoor.(On Tuesday,   within 48 min. before Sunset.)
Appearance : Medium built and height, irasible, lean, cruel, fickle minded.
Humor & part of the Body : Bile hands, eyes, rectum, blood.
Ailments : Cuts, wound, soar eyes, boils, burns, B.P., piles, tumoures, jaundice, fractures,   oozing blood, itches.
Represents : Stamina, dhatus.
Prominent Qualities : A martial planet, barren, dictatorship, planet of action and expansion.

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